Ping Pong League

"No Chance" Vance does it again; Like we didn't know that was coming!  As always, thank you to everyone who came out for Tournament No. 26.  

At one point we had all 10 spots filled plus a waitlister for this tournament.  However, when it all boiled down we had 9/10 spots filled with one no-show which gave us a solid eight-person tourney.  The competition did not disappoint.  

Mike Ottersen and Chris Parillo (mclovin) came to play finishing second and third and earning extra power ranking points.  Mike unfortunately moves down a spot in the top ten to number 7 as Tournament No. 26 winner, "No Chance" Vance takes over the 6 spot.  

For the first time in his Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League career, Chris Parillo aka mclovin has made the top 10!  (ROUND OF APPLAUSE!).  Chris has been going hard in the paint and after competing tough in nine tournaments he finally settles in at number 10.  Congratulations Chris!

Newcomer to the league, EEEdwards came to play with an ice chest of Coors Lights and a left handed game that gave some people trouble.  She earned 9 power ranking points in her first showing which is rare!  Welcome to the league!

All in all, Tournament No. 26 was fun, but with Vance skunking everyone around it definitely took the sail out of our ship.  Can anyone beat this guy?  Only time will tell.  

As a side note, we will now be changing our skunk rule.  You can only get skunked at 11-0.  This will be reflected in our League Rules page.  


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