This is how we play in the Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong League.  House rules, no exceptions.  However, we are always open to suggestions that can be debated amongst league players.  Please bring up any suggestions at each tournament & we will chat about it.    
  • Our tournaments are made of 8 players at a time.  
  • When each tournament fills you can join the waitlist.  As a "wait-lister" you are advised to show up to the tournament as if you are registered.  That way if we have last minute no-shows you will be entered into the tournament accordingly.  
  • Players will be seeded based on their power ranking score.  If you are not in the Top 10 or "On the Brink" you will be seeded based on the order you signed up (sooner = higher seed • later = lower seed).  Bracket will be seeded once all 8 spots fill.
  • Each tournament is double-match elimination, bracket style play.
  • When deciding who serves first or which side of the table you start on, each player places their paddle at the end of their side of the table.  They take turns shooting the ping pong ball in an attempt to hit the opponents paddle (think beer pong).  The first player to hit the paddle without their opponent following up with a successful response gets to decide if they want to serve first or which side of the table they will start on.  The opponent gets the other option.  
  • Each match is made up of three games; You must win 2/3 games to win the match.  Each game is played to 11, rotating serves every two points.  You must win each game by two points.  If you get to a score of 10-10 (deuces) you rotate serves every point.  After each game players switch sides.  
  • You can get SKUNKED in our league.  If you lose 11-0 in the first game of the match you have officially been SKUNKED and the match is over; No more games to be played.
  • You get unlimited LETS on your serve.  
  • We DO NOT play "paddle points."  If you stop the ball from flying through the store with your paddle on a shot that was obviously not landing on the table, you won't be charged a point.  
  • We DO NOT play the walls, lights, rafters, or any other funny bullshit.  The table is the table is the table.
  • We understand there will be down time between some of your matches.  However, we need to keep the tournaments moving so we can finish in good time.  If you are not present within three minutes of your next match you will forfeit. 
  • If we change a tournament date and you were already signed up but cannot play on the new date, you will still receive your 5 points for participation in that tournament.
  • If you are registered for a tournament and you do not show up on the day of, you will lose 5 points toward your power ranking score.  If you need to drop out, please let us know AT LEAST 24 HOURS prior to the tournament to avoid being docked 5 points.  
  • Personal paddles are always welcome. 

Power Ranking Points Criteria:

  • Tournament Victory (15 points)
  • Tournament Runner-Up (8 points)
  • Tournament 3rd Place (5 points)
  • Tournament Entry (5 points)
  • Match Wins (3 points)
  • Skunks (2 point)
  • Special Occasion Points (1)