Ping Pong League

The Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong League is back in 2020.  Tournament No. 26 is filled with league vets and sure to mix up the Power Rankings.  

Thanks to all ten players for registering.  Of the ten we have six from the Power Rankings, two On the Brink, and two newcomers to the league.  Ranked players 2-7 makeup a solid chunk of this tournament.  How will the newcomers fit in?  Only time will tell.  

No Chance Vance is back for the first time in a year.  DJ Mez is looking for his fourth tournament victory.  Travis Howell looks to get back into the top 10 while Chris Parillo (Mclovin) looks to crack the top 10 for the first time. 

While all 10 spots have been filled, you can still join the waitlist.   As a "wait-lister" you are advised to show up to the tournament as if you are registered.  That way if we have last minute no-shows you will be entered into the tournament accordingly.

Tournament No. 26 starts at 6:30pm sharp on Saturday, January 11th, 2020.  First match is between Mclovin & newcomer EEEdwards.  You can view the official bracket now!

As always, spectator's welcome.  See you all Saturday.  


UPDATED 1/10/20: Mayvillain (Logan Mayville) has dropped out and we are down to 9/10 spots filled.  You can fill that last spot now!

UPDATED 1/7/20: DJ Mez "mezed" up and dropped out.  PingPong101 (Eric) was on the waitlist so he moves in to the 6th spot based on his power ranking.  

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