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I had the pleasure of meeting Ray Hernandez at the Cameras & Coffee 916 Print Swap last February. As we got to talking, he expressed his clear desire to want to create a zine; Something he had always planned on doing. 

At some point the conversation turned to chatting about the Sacramento Kings. I slowly learned Ray had been chasing these incredible photos of the notorious beam. If you don’t know, the beam is this purple light saber- lookin’ light that shoots up into the sky and appears to hit space after every King’s win. To put it frankly, the city has absolutely eaten it up. 

Ray not only captured a photo of the very first beam last season, he’s captured several, always incorporating city landmarks and familiar views. Once he told me all of this I told Ray; “Dude, THIS is YOUR zine!” A couple months later here we are. Ray has worked his ass off creating “Beem Zeen,” an interactive publication filled with photos, stickers, and several easter eggs.

Join us tomorrow evening (4/9) from 5-8pm at the Timeless Thrills Gallery for the “Beem Zeen” Release on top of a King’s game watch party, open vinyl spin, and a couple other surprises. We’ll see you tomorrow evening. GO KINGS!

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