Established in 2011, Timeless Thrills® is a Sacramento based brand & design studio with a Flagship Store on J Street in East Sacramento. 
Timeless Thrills® was established in November of 2011 with one-hundred t-shirts screen-printed with our slogan, Stay Timeless Catch Thrills™.  Since, we have grown into an established brand name offering apparel, headwear, accessories, and more.  We provide design + production for clients throughout the Sacramento area.  
We opened our Flagship Store in January of 2016.   
Timeless Thrills® aims to produce quality goods produced in the USA, manufactured in limited quantities and never reproduced.  We draw inspiration from the city of Sacramento, sports, the nostalgic nineties, mid-century modern culture, photography, tv, movies, art, plants, food, coffee, and more.