3714 J Street Events

This Saturday, February 1st, 2020 from 6-9pm we will celebrate the Timeless Thrills® Flagship Store turning four years old.  

We opened the store on January 16th, 2016 and threw a grand opening event on the 24th of that same month.  Now, four years later we celebrate in the same space that has grown to become our second home.  

If you follow our brand's history you know Guy Long and Rose City, CA very well.  When our store turned one we worked with Guy for the first time on a project turning our brick and mortar into a cartoon.  Since then Guy has designed several projects we have released, not only through the brand but the flagship store as well.  As we celebrate four years in business this theme remains the same...


Guy designed our new-to-release, 'SIGN' design.  The celebration capsule will feature a t-shirt and two hoodies printed on authentic Champion® fleece.  All three items will release at the 4 Year Celebration from 6-9pm on Saturday.

Our friend Colleen, the Pabst Lady will be supplying the event with Pabst Blue Ribbon 'Hard Coffee,' for the first time in Sacramento.  This stuff is 5% alcohol but tastes exactly like the nostalgic Yoo-Hoo drink.  Come have a taste!

We look forward to seeing you all Saturday!

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