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Chris Parillo (mclovin) said to us last night; "If there was a top ten list of underground things to do in Sacramento, this is number one!"  We honestly couldn't agree more.  Where else can you find an underground ping pong league?   

Twenty-two tournaments in and over sixty players later, here we are;  Serving up some of the best ping pong Sacramento has to offer.  The Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League is no joke and it's time outsiders recognize that!  OR, fuckem' let's just keep doing our thing!

Tournament No. 22 was one of the most competitive tournament from top to bottom.  This was in large part due to filling all ten spots.  We appreciate the newbies who showed up and competed; Courageous moves!  

Newcomer Stephengr22 battled through two tough losses but got a solid taste of what the league is about.  Newcomer Romanhdz showed up late and had to forfeit his first match, a key reminder to try your best to show up on time!  However, he responded with a match win over pingpong101 before being knocked out by mclovin later in losers bracket round 2.  

Speaking of "Mr. Ping Pong Socks," Chris Parillo (mclovin) had one hell of a night earning two match wins and adding a total of 9 power ranking points to his belt.  He even gave 8-time champ, Cody Watters a run for his money in a tough fought 21-18 loss in loser's bracket round 3.  Each tournament Chris inches closer to that top 10.

Speaking of Cody Watters, for only the second time in ten tournaments the champ fell short.  Cody battled all night long, earned a skunk over timelessthrills, and eventually took home a 20-point night in the rankings.  However, tonight Cody's kryptonite was the dude on the boards, DJ Mez.   

Mez earned a clean sweep winning all four matches he played including two against Cody.  Quite frankly he made it look easy.  If you tuned into our instagram story you caught some of their incredible rallies.  Mez definitely had to earn it!  With his Tourney 22 crown, Max (DJ Mez) wins his third tournament and earns another stripe on the sleeve.  Congratulations, you beat the odds tonight!  

In other news on the night, Alan Blount (Mother Goose) and Mike Ottersen both left with 9-points toward their ranking.  Fortunately Alan hadn't competed in cross fit the day of but he did come in straight off 18 holes of golf.  That adrenaline kept him rolling winning his first two matches against tough opponents.  Him and timelessthrills had one hell of a match in round 3 pushing Alan to the Semifinals only to be outdone by the top two finishers on the night; Mez & Cody.

The Top 10 Power Rankings remain almost intact except for one key difference;  Travis Howell earns his way back in to the Top 10, bumping Chase Bradshaw with seven key points on the night.  Travis and Chase stand only one point apart!  That forfeited victory over Roman made a huge difference tonight!  

From top to bottom nothing but quality ping pong.  We continue to thank you all for showing up and playing hard.  This has been one hell of a good time.  Let's keep it rollin'!  Lastly, let's keep running ten-player tournaments.  It makes for much better tourneys when we can fill all ten spots.  Look out for 23 to land during the middle of April.  Peace!



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