"DEATH AT DUSK" Art Show by Switchblade Tattoo Club • Opening Night 4/20 7-11pm


3714 J Street

Arazi is the seminal conglomeration of ideas and work from like minded people from around the world.  

They adhere to the philosophy of Situational Meaningness. One will create meaning from the actions they have taken and from the freedom they have to make those decisions. To make something out of anything and/or nothing. To take what you have created and bring it into the public view and let it live within its own space. To relish in the subculture that one has created and purposefully rule that subculture because it is your own and only you are apart of it.

Focused and created in Los Angeles, California, Arazi is presenting the community with a print magazine that represents the creative network of individuals. Single handedly, they are the greatest and most relevant publication in Los Angeles, California. Yea, they said it.

Arazi is a free publication and is now available in our Flagship Store.  

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