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Switchblade Tattoo Club has that feel.  The Sacramento based shop in the Tahoe Park neighborhood is one of those places where when you walk in you are drenched with excitement and the comfortable assumption that this is a significant place.

Maybe it is the well executed setup that incorporates half a vintage clothing shop and half a tattoo shop without feeling separate.  Or it could be the countless pieces of flash and art gracing what seems like every inch of the walls.  The exterior storefront sports custom, hand drawn signs by sign-painter, John Dozier, while inside you have doses and doses of Shrine paint.  If you ask co-owner, Bradlee Brixx how the space came about he will tell you they did it all themselves.  They installed the tiled counter-tops, built the walls of separation, built in the lobby seating and everything in between.  The physical space is an ode to the hard work and diligence Brad, Sean, Cait and Lucas have put in, not only in sweat equity but commitment and dedication.  

When I walk into Switchblade I get that youthful feeling of excitement that I used to get when I was 18 sitting in Forever Tattoo waiting to get called back.  It certainly has that significant vibe to it.  I am fortunate to have collected tattoos in Switchblade a couple times now.  One of those was spent on Valentine’s Day evening with my wife and two-year old.  We collected tattoos from Cait and Lucas while they kindly welcomed our daughter to hang in the shop, cleaning them out of their free lollipops in a bowl in the lobby (we still owe you more lolipops guys).  It’s that type of hospitality and warmth that goes beyond just being a significant place.  Switchblade has it all.  

All of this matters when referencing their group art show taking place at Timeless Thrills on the night of April 20th, 2024.  It is not just an opening reception, it is a truly significant night.  That same hard-work and perseverance used to build out and open Switchblade back in 2021 is the same energy I have personally witnessed these artists put into their work for their group exhibition; "Death at Dusk."  When you are this dedicated to your craft, the end result proves to be striking.  

It is an honor to host this crew of incredible tattooers and dedicated artists.  I could not be more excited at the fact.  The process of working with all four of them (and Trevor) has been nothing short of an honor and privilege.  And the art!  Holy shit are you kidding me?  Wait until you see the artwork!  What has been a culmination of hardwork will finally come to a head on April 20th.  

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, April 20th at 7pm for “Death at Dusk” by Switchblade Tattoo Club.  Learn more about the group exhibition here

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