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Ping Pong League

Welcome to Tournament No. 22 of the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League.  For the first time since Tournament 15 we have filled all 10 spots!  That is remarkable considering it’s been almost ten tournaments without running a full 10 players.  Let’s hope all nine of you show up!  

Keep in mind you can still join the waitlist.  By doing so you are advised to show up as if you are playing in the tournament.  That way if we get a no-show you are automatically entered in.

Tournament No. 22 will feature the top four of our Top 10 Power Rankings.  Number 8 & 9 will also be competing as well as two players “on the brink,” and two newbies.  Thanks to the newbies for muscling up and joining the league.  We look forward to welcoming you kindly (wink wink). 

Cody Watters is the absolute favorite to win tonights tournament and take home is ninth total championship.  However, Mike Ottersen has been ever inching closer to taking Cody down and claiming his first crown. 

There are other questions that must be asked as well; Will DJ Mez show up sober and bring his a-game?  How many cross fit tournaments has Alan already competed in today?  Or how about, who are these new guys and how good are they?  

Can anyone take down Cody?  That is the only question that really matters.  We shall see tonight.  Tournament No. 22 starts at 7pm sharp tonight in the Flagship Store.  Match 1 kicks off with Chris Parillo and Stephengr22.  We will see you then. As always, spectators welcome.  

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