Ping Pong League

Nineteen tournaments!  Can you believe it?  This ping pong league has seen 19 tournaments, over 60 players, 9 champions, and over two years of good times in our 800 square foot flagship store.  We can't thank you enough if you've been a part of the ride.  

Tournament No. 19 ended the same way six other tournaments have ended; With a Cody Watters victory.  Like so many other times, Cody dominated his way through Tourney 19 with four straight wins and a 25 point power ranking night.  Cody has played in 8 tournaments, winning 7 of them!  He stretches further into the # 2 spot in our Top 10 and puts pressure on Tyler (Timeless Thrills).  

Unfortunately Jawadjawad couldn't make it due to work but for the second straight tournament Jaychillwill37 was absent from the class.  If you're familiar with our league rules, that puts you deeper in the negative Jay!  Not very chill dude.  

With the two no-shows we ran Tourney 19 with six players, all talented and ready to battle.  Chris Parillo (mclovin) showed up and scraped out two hard fought 21-18 battles against the number 1 and 4 ranked players in our Top 10 Power Rankings.  While he finished fourth he jumped a few spots in our "on the brink" section of the rankings.  

As for the other lefty on the night, Alan Blount (Mothergoose) didn't fair so well losing both his matches.  However, Alan's 5 tourney participation points on the night put him one point ahead of DJ Mez and into the # 3 spot in our Top 10.  Showing up matters!

While Alan may have had a tough night, Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills) really shit the bed.  We're talking hor-i-ble!  This is the first time Tyler has ever gone two and out.  To Logan and Chris' credit, they played real tough matches against him both winning 21-18.  While Tyler stays ranked 1, he hardly increases his overall score and Cody inches closer with his tourney victory.  

Logan Mayville played one hell of a tourney earning three match victories and a runner-up finish on the night.  This is Logan's third runner-up finish.  He moves up three spots to # 5 in our Top 10.  This is the highest Logan has ever been in our Top 10.  

Mike Ottersen performed at a high level bringing his new pencil gripped serve to the table.  He finishes in third place and moves closer to breaking the Top 10.  

Although we had some no-shows, Tournament No. 19 was a comeptive success with a familiar finish.  Thank you all for showing up and thanks to the spectators, especially Mrs. Watters who got to see her boo play like a true champion.  

Until Tournament No. 20 everyone!  We'll see you in December.

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