Ping Pong League

Thank you to everyone who registered for Tournament No. 19.  Currently we have 9/10 spots filled so if you're feeling lucky, grab that last spot here.  

Tourney 19 is looking to be fairly competitive, minus the favorite; Six-time champ, Cody Watters.  Yes, the other 8 players will all be looking to come for Cody's head.  Anytime Mr. Watters signs up for a tournament he is instantly the favorite.  Cody has competed in 7 tournaments, winning 6 of them.  The dude has major skills!  

Outside of Cody we'll have three others competing from our Top 10 Power Rankings and four who are on the brink!  Yes, this is going to be a competitive tournament!  Jay Chill Will is back after being a no-show last tournament, so let's hope he shows this time!

Watch out for the two lefty's (Mothergoose & mclovin) to make a splash from the opposite side tonight.  Tyler (Timeless Thrills) and Logan (Mayvillain) also look to be favorites to finish in the top 3.  We will have to see how they will fair against Cody tonight.  That is the bottom line.  

While the tournament starts at 7pm sharp with the first match between Danielsmama and JayChillWill we will have the remaining product from our Black Friday Sale out up until 6:30 or so.  So if you'd like to shop with us on this Small Business Saturday before the tourney, try and show up a half hour early.  

We look forward to seeing you all tonight!  As always, spectators welcome.   

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