3714 J Street

Black Friday 2018 was a huge success.  You all got some cool stuff for low prices and we were able to clear out a bunch of old inventory.  We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to come out and shop with us during these rare sales.  

If you did not know we started our PRE Black Friday Sale on Wednesday for two quick hours.  This was only made aware to our newsletter list.  We highly advise you get on our newsletter if you're not already.  We send out exclusive information through our newsletter that is not promoted anywhere else.  

Once again, thank you for yet another amazing Black Friday.  Our customers rule!  Oh, and the sale continues through tomorrow (Small Business Saturday), or what's left of it.  We'll be open normal business hours, Noon - 6pm.  Once again, thanks to the beautiful faces of Timeless Thrills® Black Friday 2018.     

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