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Today we had the pleasure of visiting Tony and Donna Natsoulas' Streng Bros. home in the Overbrook Subdivision of Sacramento, CA for Tony's Open Studio.

We have known Donna a couple years through the Streng Bros. Community but never met in person.  It was refreshing to finally get face time with both her and Tony.  The two of them are not only kind and inviting but you could argue they are the most inspiring and influential duo in Sacramento when it comes to fine art.  

Tony's ceramics clearly speak for themselves...

S/O to Britty!

Exposing our daughter early to the coolest art in our city.  Thanks for the cookie Donna and Tony!

We took home a ceramic fish, eyeballs, and a paint brush.  Thank you Tony and Donna for the hospitality and the awesome pieces.  We will take good care of the plant.  Until next time!  

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