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For the Community, For the Neighborhood, For the Kids!

We are delighted to roll out the Timeless Thrills Little Library located inside our brick and mortar.  Given our stamp on the print and publication scene, a 'Little Free Library' was a natural edition to our ever-growing lineup of items and concepts within our space.  

Owners Tyler & Jessica have a 19 month old these days who loves to read.  While she certainly dabbles in zines from local photographers and creatives, she likes a wide range of books from baby books to architecture magazines.  That is exactly how we are treating the 'Timeless Thrills Little Library;' Welcome to all, something for everyone.  

What is a Little Free Library?  

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their mission is to be a catalyst for building community, inspiring readers, and expanding book access for all through a global network of volunteer-led Little Free Libraries.

You see them in your neighborhood, in front of schools, or at your local park.  The Little Free Libraries are exactly what they sound like; A place to take a book and leave a book.  They work on the honor system and help encourage and create a solid sense of community for both kids and adults.  

Timeless Thrills Little Library - Charter #156620

We are officially registered as Charter #156620 on the Little Free Library World Map and inside their downloadable app.  There you can 'check-in' to the Timeless Thrills Little Library and even write in our guest book.  

We encourage you to download the app on your phone and/or desktop and checkout the Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood and the places you frequent.  

But Are There Shirts Though?

Of course there are!  Duh!  Along with about anything we do comes merch; Usually t-shirts.  Whether it is our SPCA Collaboration or our ongoing partnership with local staple, Marie's Donuts, we aim to produce wearable items behind the community projects we create;  No different here.  

Our 'Little Library' T-shirt will be available for purchase at the Timeless Thrills Little Library Grand Opening on Saturday, December 17th at 11am.   
Each t-shirt purchase will come with a free bookmark and sticker.  
Pay Us A Visit!
While our Grand Opening for the Timeless Thrills Little Library is Saturday, December 17th we are currently open and ready for you to pay us a visit.  Come be a part of it all and wear your community on your sleeve.  

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