If you are familiar with Timeless Thrills you know plants are always a large inspiration for us.  This is conveyed through our design aesthetic, brick & mortar space, and businesses we collaborate with and support.

Ruth Bancroft in Walnut Creek is one of our many happy places to travel.  It is impossible not to find inspiration here.  We recently took a day trip with our 19-month old.  Can you spot the Timeless Thrill merch?  

Above is the result of birds eating cacti seeds, pooping them out into the tree, and boom!  You have cacti growing out of the tree.  

Click on that hoodie above to purchase it now!

Moss growing inside the cacti is a true time flex...

The coolest fish mobile you have ever seen!

Ruth Bancroft is always curating different styles of art throughout the garden in correlation with different events, shows, etc.  Right now they are geared up for Garden Of D' Lights with some pretty cool installations around the grounds.

Click the crewneck above to purchase it now!

Ruth Bancroft hosts a 'Little Free Library' with an awesome selection!   

No better time to let you know about the Timeless Thrills Little Library and our Grand Opening on Saturday, December 17th at 11am.  Stop by and pay us a visit!  

Until then, go visit Ruth Bancroft, become a member, and gain free entry to many botanical gardens throughout the country.  

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