35MM FILM 2021-2023

3714 J Street Photography

We recently got back a handful of film shot over the last couple years.  There are photos from the 4th Annual Zine Megamall with Nighted Life, the Rose City 'Tapes & Records' Pop-Up, and some shots around the shop.  Checkem' out and thanks again Mark!

Nick from Nighted Life, the god of independent zine culture.  These photos were taken at the 4th Annual Zine Megamall back in August '22.  The 5th Annual show will be April 15th, 2023.  Put it on your calendar!

DeAngelo in the cut.

Rose City, CA Tapes & Records Pop-Up Shop back in August '22.

Always a privilege for our city to experience the work of Guy Long.  

The Newsstand is so much more stocked now than in this picture lol...


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