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Thanks again to all 10 players who came out for Tournament No. 5.  We appreciate the spectators who came by to watch as well.  

Tournament No. 5 was all about Tournament No. 4 winner, Cody Watters.  Cody swept his way through this tournament to become the first player in our league with multiple tournament victories.  After a first round bye, Cody skunked his way to the semifinals with 7-0 and 11-1 victories over a couple newcomers.  There he met and handled DJ Mez 21-15 to make it to the Championship Match without even breaking a sweat.  

After a first match win and then loss to DJ Mez, Tyler Wichmann fought his way through the losers bracket to face Mez once again in the losers bracket semifinal game.  The winner would have to beat Cody twice.  DJ Mez took care of Tyler fairly easy with a 21-10 win and moved on.  

Unfortunately, Cody couldn't be stopped.  Mez could not force a final game as Cody won 21-14 and became our first Two-time Tournament winner.  Congratulations Cody!  

In Tournament No. 5 we welcomed six new players to the league!  Scott and Rudy went two and out.  Julian, Nolan, and Alec all picked up a match win to start their power ranking collection.  Eric played with some very tricky spin and picked up two match wins.  

For the first time since we started this league we have a new number 1 spot in the power rankings.  Two-time Tournament Winner, Cody Watters edged out former #1 Chris Grant to become our leagues top player.  At 55 points Cody's three skunks have definitely helped him take the lead (not to mention 24 points for two tourney wins).  

Chris Grant drops to number 2.  DJ Mez and Tyler Wichmann stand tied at 49 points however Mez edges out Tyler based on his higher finish in the most previous tournament.  Sean Foley stays afloat in the number 5 spot and Alan Blount jumps a spot to number 6.  The rest of our top 10 stays the same although a bunch of newcomers are breathing down the throat of those final few spots. 

Our Top 10 Power Rankings have been updated.  Make sure you are signed up for the league newsletter so you know exactly when to sign up for the next tournament.  Look forward to an email around the middle to late May.  

Thanks again everyone!  Until next Tournament...


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