Ping Pong League

Tournament No. 31 is in the books and Max aka DJ Mez has a fourth trophy under his belt.  

While we only had five players competing in Tournament No. 31 the competition certainly wasn't lacking.  Max (DJ Mez) started slow with an upset loss to Chris (Mclovin) in his first match.  From there he won five straight matches to take the trophy and add another logo notch on his winner's shirt.  

This is Max's fourth tournament victory as he becomes one of only three players with four or more tournament wins.  His massive intake of power ranking points shoots him closer to Cody while he solidifies that number three spot in our Top 10.  

Another key storyline of Tournament No. 31 revolved around Chris Parillo (Mclovin). He had a chance to move up two spots in the rankings and he did just that.  

Chris (Mclovin) came blazing out the gates and won his first two matches against Max (DJ Mez) and Tyler (Timeless Thrills).  This immediately placed him in his first championship match ever!  In the end Max took the crown but Chris' impressive showing ensured his jump in the rankings as he moves from number ten to number eight.  Not many points separate him from moving even higher.  Congratulations Chris!  

Joel (Jimbo_Slice) joined the league, competing in his first tournament.  In his first showing he took home a solid match win and gave about everyone a run for their money.  A worthy opponent, we hope to have him back in future tournaments.  

Cedric (Troubleman916) was back for the first time in a couple years.  While he couldn't skate out a match win in this tourney, he came with a an intense competitive edge.  I hope that rolled over to Hilltop Cedric!  Win any free beers?  

I (Timeless Thrills) won my first match, only to lose my next two.  This earned me a third place finish and keeps some more space between me and Cody Watters in the Power Rankings.  

Tournament No. 31 was a fun one and we appreciate everyone who came out to compete.  Congratulations Max on your fourth tournament victory.  We will work on getting that third logo printed on your winner's tee asap.  

Until next tournament...







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  • Cedric on

    Looking forward to bringin more heat for the next one. Great job keeping this tourney rolling Tyler, the work you put into it is appreciated.

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