Ping Pong League

9/16/23 - 11:20am

Joël (FatherGoose) has dropped out of the tournament due to injury.  We will now be running a five player tournament.  First match is now between Cedric (TroubleMan916) and newcomer, Jimbo_Slice at 5pm sharp.  

9/15/23 - 2:00pm

As of now we are running with six players for Tournament No. 31 of the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League.  However, these six players bring excitement we haven't seen in quite some time.  

For starters, Max aka DJ Mez aka the number 3 ranked player in our league is back for the first time in over a year.  It will be a delight to see Max face off against Tournament No. 29 winner, Joël (FatherGoose), possibly in the semifinals.  Only time will tell.  

Another storyline emerging is the possible jump in power rankings for Chris P. (mclovin).  While he currently holds the number ten spot, he is only five and six points behind our number nine and eight ranked players.  Mclovin has a huge chance to score!  He'll have to scrape out a win or two to make it happen.  Special occasion points could play a key role (wink wink)!

We have Cedric (TroubleMan916) back for the first time since Tournament No. 28.  Welcome back bud!  Rounding out our six players is a newcomer, Jimbo_Slice.  Thanks for signing up Jimbo!  We look forward to meeting you.  

Once again, there are two spots left.  Do you have what it takes?  Register now and start your power ranking score.  The only way to climb the ladder is to compete in tournaments.  

As always, spectators welcome.  As it stands now, first match is at 5pm sharp against Joël (FatherGoose) and Cedric (TroubleMan916).  

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