Ping Pong League

Twenty Four tournaments in the books!  Thanks to everyone who competed in Tournament No. 24.  JnicksHelmetHead was a no-show but we were lucky to have Scott show up and fill the spot.  A lesson to any of you registering on the waitlist; SHOW UP and you just might be able to fill a no-show's spot.

Tourney 24 ended in pure domination by Logan Mayville (Mayvillain).  He kept a clean sheet with four straight match wins notching his second ever tournament victory.  Bring your winner's t-shirt in to the store so we can print that elusive sleeve badge Logan.  Congratulations bud!  

Other top performers from 24 include runner-up, Chase Bradshaw (Chasedogz) who resurrected himself back into the Top 10 Power Rankings (10) and knocked Travis Howell (Thowell) back into the on the brink section.  Mike Ottersen finished in 3rd place and jumps two spots in the Top 10 to number 7!  

Chris Parillo (Mclovin) had an impressive tournament earning three match wins, one of them being the knockout blow to Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills).  Chris continues to inch closer to the Top 10 with each tournament.  Even with a shitty one-match-win tournament from Tyler he was able to pass Cody Watters and regain his number one power ranking spot.  

A huge thanks to newcomers jzwallce, Tabletennistim, and our fill-in savior, Scott.  We appreciate you joining the league.  Tim had a solid first showing earning two match victories and a quick 9 points to establish his ranking.  Safe travels back to Tennessee buddy!

Once again we appreciate all of you for consistently keeping this league going.  Congratulations to Logan as he becomes one of only five players to have at least two tournament victories under his belt.  He is also the only player to ever chug an entire beer during his winner's photo!  Quite impressive, to say the least.  

Look out for Tournament No. 25 to take place in late August.  Until then, keep practicing and be sure to always stay timeless!  


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