Ping Pong League

Welcome back everyone!  We took a couple months off but we are back and ready to go!  Tournament No. 24 is filled as all 10 spots have been accounted for.  The competition is looking fierce with several newcomers to the league joining in on the fun.  

Tourney 24 features six returners and four newbies to the league.  Of the 6 returners we have 4 in the Top 10 and 2 "on the brink."  These are definitely some of our league's top players.  It will be fun to see how we all match up against the 4 new guys.  

Questions to be asked include; Will Mike Ottersen finally get over the hump and win a damn tournament for once?  Can Mclovin (Chris Parillo) have a championship tournament and skyrocket himself into the Top 10 for the first time?  Has Chasedogz (Chase Bradshaw) been practicing with "No Chance" Vance lately?  Only time will tell.  

We look forward to seeing you all at Tournament No. 24 tonight.  The bracket is officially set!  First match is set for 6:30pm sharp between newcomers JnicksHelmetHead and Tabletennistim.  You can STILL JOIN THE WAITLIST.  Unfortunately sometimes people don't show.  If you join the waitlist we ask you show up like you're playing in the tournament and if we do indeed have a no-show, you're in!  

See you all at 6:30pm!

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