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Ping Pong League

Tonight we are running a nine person tournament unless we fill that final tenth spot.  You can register here or refer a friend!  

Of the nine players tonight, eight of them are in the Top 10.  We have 1-4, 6, and 8-10.  Chris Parillo (mclovin) is on the brink.  How about that for a Tournament No. 23?  

DJ Mez is the defending champion after taking home the Tournament No. 22 crown.  It was a rare site to see Cody Watters lose a tournament, something he had only done one other time in nine attempts.  Will Cody be back for revenge tonight or will Mez keep the titles rolling?  Only time will tell.  

Number 4 ranked, Alan Blount has competed in cross fit competitions all week long.  The dude is in American Ninja Warrior shape.  What does that mean for tonight?  Well, for starters look for Mother Goose to increase his paddle strike ratio and boost speed 210%.

Let's hope Mike Ottersen fairs better than last tournament because we want him to hang around and not just storm out of the place in frustration.  Travis Howell is back and he stole the Timeless Thrills avatar.  Is this the beginning of a new rivalry?  Only time will tell.  

PBR was nice enough to supply beers for tonight's tournament.  Please go give Colleen (PBR Rep) a follow and send your thanks for supplying the beverages.

First match starts at 7pm sharp.  As it is set now, Travis Howell and Chris Parillo will start it off.   

PLEASE NOTE: When you enter the arena tonight please take notice of our cubby holes directly to the right.  Please place all your belongings in the spaces allotted so we can make enough room for players and spectators.  

Thank you for your time.  We look forward to seeing you all tonight in what is set to be as competitive a tournament as ever.  Don't forget that one spot is still available.  TAKE THAT HERE!

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