Ping Pong League

What a night!  Tournament No. 23 did not disappoint.  A huge thanks to everyone who came out; Even those spectators!  We appreciate you all being a part of the Underground Ping Pong League.    

Tourney 23 ended the same way eight other tournaments have; With Cody Watters taking his winner's photo.  Cody earns his ninth tournament victory in eleven total tournaments played.  His shirt is slowly filling up with logos to the point we'll have to start printing them on the inside.  

Not only does Cody win his ninth tournament he has FINALLY dethroned Tyler (Timeless Thrills) and jumped into 1st place in our Top 10 Power Rankings.  It's about time Cody; What took you so long?  This is the first time ever in our league that Tyler has not held down that number one spot.  Congratulations Cody!  Moving forward, It will be tough to knock him off he throne.  

DJ Mez was Tournament 23's runner-up, something Mez has done six times now.  With four tournament victories that means the dude has played in the final match ten times!  He holds down that #3 spot followed by Alan keeping steady at #4.  Unfortunately the cross fits only helped toward one match victory this tournament.    Logan (Mayvillain) passes Vance and moves into the #5 spot.  Eric (Pingpong101) passes Chris Grant, jumping into the #7 spot.  Mike & Travis stay put, both holding down the #9 and #10 spots.  

Tournament No. 23's cinderella story came from "on the brink," player, Chris Parillo (mclovin).  Chris won three matches including two against top opponents, Tyler & Logan.  Unfortunately he ran into the wall that is Cody Watters & DJ Mez, but boy did he battle it out.  He takes home third place points for the first time in his league career.  Congratulations Chris!  He now stands under only Chase Bradshaw on the brink and inches closer to the top 10.  

Thanks to Ryan (Rpar) for joining the league!  Ryan scratched out a match win in his first tournament.  We hope to see you back.  

All in all, what a competitive night!  This is solid ass ping pong boys and girls.  I'd put this underground league up against any group of players in town.  We will see you next month for Tournament No. 24.  


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