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Thanks again to everyone who came out for Tournament No. 21 last weekend.  We ran with eight players and it truly was one of the most competitive tournaments to date.  

As expected, "No Chance" Vance took home the crown for the fourth time in his Tournament history.  Keep in mind, he has only played in five tournaments total!  Vance swept his way through Tournament No. 21 with some key victories over Top 10 players like Travis Howell, Chase Bradshaw, and Mike Ottersen twice!

Yes, Mike Ottersen wound up with those runner-up points for the second tournament in a row.  Last tournament he went down to 8-time champ, Cody Watters and this time to Vance; Rough man!  We're sure that Mike will capture a tournament victory of his own sooner than later.  

Chase Bradshaw made a triumphant return to the league earning third place points and boosting himself back into the Top 10 Power Rankings.  Unfortunately we can't say the same for Travis Howell.  His return didn't fair so well as he went two and out and is now bumped from the Top 10 and currently "On the Brink."  

No Chance Vance jumps two spots in the Top 10 solidifying his #5 ranking.  This dropped Logan and Eric to # 6 and 8.  The top half of our rankings are really coming together.  It is anyone's chance to move up!  

Thanks again to everyone who came out!  Look for Tournament No. 22 to fall during the middle of March.  As a side note, we currently have 9 players who have won tournaments.  Once we add one more player to that list we will form a Tournament of Champions.  Who's it going to be?  Our money is on Mike Ottersen but only time will tell.  

Our Top 10 Power Rankings have been updated as well as our Results page.  

Lastly, where ya' been Sonny?  Vance & Cody really want to battle it out with you!  Until next tournament folks...


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