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For those who don't know we have an ongoing partnership with the one and only, Marie's Donuts on Freeport Blvd. in Sacramento, CA.  

Through our partnership we keep Marie's stocked with the originally released t-shirts and we create new merchandise as time goes on to sell in our Flagship Store and online shop.

So far we have released t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks (all of which are completely sold out).  This Saturday we will release brand new items that you have never seen before!  Here's the catch; We're not going to tell you what those items are.  You will have to show up on the release date to find out.  

The new items will release Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 at Noon inside our Flagship Store ONLY!  We can't guarantee any of these new items will hit our online shop due to the extreme likelihood of selling out on the day of release.  

The reception to our ongoing partnership with Marie's has been absolutely incredible!  We can't thank you all enough for supporting two local mom 'n pops! We look forward to seeing you Saturday at Noon.  Oh yea, and we'll have donuts! (wink wink).   

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