Ping Pong League

When I wrote the Tournament No. 18 Preview it was looking like a tournament that was up for grabs.  Then three hours before the start, "No Chance" Vance signed up and ruined everyone's hope for a tournament title.

Not ironically at all, Vance (Loadholt) swept through Tournament No. 18 in timeless fashion with four straight wins.  That's what we call cruising through the bracket.  Our runner-up, Logan (Mayvillain) faired best against Vance in their semifinal match scoring 14 points.  Yes, that is the best we could do.  Congratulations Vance; You made us all look like shit with that incredible spinning serve (round of applause). 

Tournament No. 18 had some amazing games like match 12 and 13 from the loser's bracket.  Timeless Thrills (Tyler) battled through mclovin (Chris Parillo) and Mike Ottersen in 21-19 and 25-23 victories.  He was met by a strong showing from Logan and finished in third place.  

On the flip side we had a newcomer who didn't show!  Jaychillwill37, what's up man?  That was not chill.  No-shows get docked points.  You can read about it in our league rules.  

With Vance's victory he jumps a couple spots in front of Logan in our Top 10 Power Rankings.  Timeless Thrills (Tyler) continues to hold down the top spot.  Mothergoose (Alan) holds down that four spot and inches closer to the top 3.  Mike Ottersen creeps closer to the Top 10 while mclovin and Danielsmama declare themselves, "On the Brink."  

Tournament No. 18 was the "Halloween Edition."  If you dressed up in costume you earned an extra 4 power ranking points.  Mclovin (Chris Parillo) and Mothergoose (Alan Blount) were the only two to earn those points.  Congrats guys!

Thanks to everyone who came out!  We love hosting these tournaments.  Let's keep it moving.  Look out for Tournament No.19 next month.  

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