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Ping Pong League

Welcome to Tournament No. 18 of the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League.  No. 18 is Halloween Edition so expect a spooky, competitive night!  

As of now we have 8/10 spots filled.  There are still two spots left, however we will run with 8 whether they are filled or not.  You can fill one of those spots by clicking here.  Thank you to the 8 players we have tonight...

We have three players from our Top 10 Power Rankings (1, 4, & 7), one "On the Brink," two returners, and two newbies.  Thanks to the two new players for joining the league!

Tyler Wichmann and Logan Mayville seem to be the immediate favorites, however watch out for the lefties, Alan Blount and "McLovin" to come out swinging and put up a challenge.  Plus, we don't know what kind of game these newbies are bringing tonight.  

First match starts at 7pm sharp.  As of now it will be between Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills) and newbie, Jaychillwill37.  If either or both of the last two spots fill the bracket will change.  You can check the current bracket anytime at this link.  

DON'T FORGET!  You can earn 4 EXTRA POWER RANKING POINTS tonight for showing up in your best Halloween costume.  

As always, spectators welcome!  We will see you all tonight.  

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