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Tournament No. 17 was filled with extra points, back and forth matches, impressive play, and for the 6th time; Cody Watters a winner.  

Tourney 17 was competitive from the jump.  In the first match newcomer and lefty, Chris (mclovin) made a splash defeating second-timer Mike Ottersen in an exciting 21-18 victory.  

We had Chris G. (Blazing Paddles) back in the house for the first time since he finished third in Tournament No. 9. He faired well winning two matches but ultimately finishing fourth.  

Chris G. was booted from the tournament by league player Jawad who had one hell of a night.  While his incredibly cute 5-month old daughter Nyla watched on, Jawad finished third and placed for the second time in the four tournaments he has competed in (his first was Tournament No. 6).    

The matches of the night were #8 and #9; 28-26 & 24-22 finishes.  In #8 Mike Ottersen and Alan Blount (Mother Goose) battled back and forth like you couldn't imagine.  In the end Alan moved on scoring 28 points!  Their match had the crowd going wild!  #9 was the same top notch play between Chris (mclovin) and Eric (pingpong 101).  In the end Chris was victorious. 

Chris (mclovin) picked up two wins in his debut and Eric took home one victory bumping him to the number six spot in the Power Rankings.  Alan Blount (Mother Goose) also earned two wins holding his number four spot in the Top 10 Power Rankings.  Eric has competed in 12 tournaments and Alan 13!  These guys are true veterans of the league.

In the end it was Cody Watters and Tyler Wichmann (timelessthrills) who had the trophy to battle for.  They met first in the semi-final match #16 in which Cody took down Tyler 21-15. Tyler had to battle off Jawad in a 21-15 victory of his own to face Cody in a Championship Game 1.  

It was a position Cody has been in five other times; A clean sweep through the bracket forcing whoever makes their way out of the loser's bracket to have to beat him twice to capture the crown.  Well, Tyler didn't make it to that final match as he lost to Cody 21-17 in a hard fought final.  

Cody becomes a six-time champion in our league.  That's right; In 17 tournaments Cody has won six of them.  Get this: He's only played in seven!  The dude can compete against the best of them.  We're honored to have him as a part of the league.  

Unfortunately for Cody, while he passes DJ Mez he still sits in that number two spot of our Top 10 Power Rankings.  Tyler Wichmann (timelessthrills) holds down the top spot as he's the only player to have played in all 17 tournaments.  What a fucking surprise right?  He puts on the tournaments for crying out loud!  Just goes to show you how important "participation points" are.

Thanks again to everyone who came out for Tournament No. 17; players and spectators alike.  Keep telling your friends, family, wives, husbands, kids, and anyone who cares to listen about our league.  Tell them to sign up for the league or just come to watch.  Look out for Tournament No. 18 to be the second or third week of October.  Rumor has it, "No Chance" might be back.  UH OH!!!...


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