Ping Pong League

We made it to the sweet 16 aka our 16th tournament!  As always, thanks to everyone who has made this league possible.  

Tourney 16 will be a 9 player tournament (as of 3:55pm 8/11).  There is technically still one spot left, but we will roll with 9 if need be.   

Tournament No. 16 features five players from our Top 10 Power Rankings (1, 4, 7, 9, & 10) and two who are "On the Brink."  Thanks to our two newbies for joining the league!  

Tournament No. 16 is interesting as this is anybody's tournament.  Usually we have at least one or two guys competing who you just know will make that championship round.  Tournament No. 16 however features several players who compete well against each other.  Although, we're not sure how these two new guys are, so let's not speak too soon!  

Tournament No. 16 is tonight (Saturday, 8/11/18). As of now, the two newbies play first at 7pm sharp, no later.  We look forward to seeing you all.  Spectator's always welcome! 

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