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We have now hosted sixteen tournaments in our self proclaimed underground ping pong league.  In those sixteen tournaments we have had over 50 players compete in the league!  Tonight we had our ninth ever tournament winner; Logan Mayville.  

This was Logan's sixth tournament as he debuted way back in Tournament No. 2!  Other than finishing runner-up in Tournament No. 12 Logan hadn't ever made a top three finish.  Logan becomes the 9th player with a "Winner's Shirt."  For those unfamiliar, we make that shirt below strictly for tournament winners.  We don't actually sell the shirt.  Congratulations Logan!  XL coming right up. 

All nine players in Tournament No. 16 put out a solid and entertaining effort.  Mike Ottersen debuted with an underdog 3rd place finish and ultimately earned 4 match wins after fighting his way through the loser's bracket.  After only his first league appearance Mike earns 16 points and is On the Brink!  

It was runner-up finisher Casey (choward) who took down Mike in the final loser's bracket match in an incredibly competitive 21-19 victory. Casey messed with everyone's game serving an unorthodox spin that was tricky to pickup.  After only his second league appearance Casey also paddles his way On the Brink.   

Although Tyler Wichmann had a victory over Mike and was Logan's toughest match  he ultimately was knocked out by two losses from of who else; Logan and Mike.  Oh the irony!  Fortunately he earns 10 points (including a skunk point) and continues to hold down that number one spot in the power rankings.  

Alan Blount gains ground and holds on tight to his number 4 spot earning a match win which was a skunk. Travis Howell makes his 6th league appearance, his first since Tournament No. 11. Although he failed to earn a match win, his five entry points bump him a spot to number 9. Jawad stays on the brink with a match win and Eric loses a spot to number 7.  Thanks to newcomer Jose for coming out and getting a match win in his first league appearance!  

Our Top 10 Power Rankings have now been updated.  

All in all this was an incredibly competitive tournament.  For the most part each match showed some back and forth.  We appreciate everyone being a part of the league and we look forward to hosting more and more tournaments.  Until next time...

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