Ping Pong League

In our last tournament we had a newcomer take the crown.  Tournament No. 11 was no different.  Newcomer to the league, Sonny Mayugba stole the show, sweeping his way through the competition with five straight wins and his first tournament victory in his first try.  

Tournament No. 11 was filled with strong competition.  Besides Sonny we welcomed three other newcomers to the league, all who held their own.  Elaine (pencilthreat) was the sleeper earning two match wins in her first tournament.  

Fresh off surgery, "No Chance" Vance held his own in Tourney 11, finishing in runner-up fashion.  While Vance brought his best game, he just couldn't fend off the handy paddle work and filthy serves of Sonny.  Travis (Thowell) finished in third place while Max (DJ Mez) was the first booted from the final four.  Both Vance and Mez earned skunks in Tourney 11.  

Tournament No. 11 helped mix up the power rankings a bit.  Tyler (Timeless Thrills) holds down the number one spot while Chris (Blazing Paddles) gets booted to number five!  Creeping into the third and fourth spots are DJ Mez & Alan (Mothergoose87).  Travis (6) and Vance (8) both move up a spot while the newcomer champ settles into the top 10.  It is fair to say, if you join the league and sweep your way through a tournament victory you have a solid chance to make the power rankings.  Congrats Sonny!

Look forward to Tournament No. 12 to come around the third or fourth week of March.  Stay tuned to the newsletter, and share it with any of your fiends or fam who would like to play!  Until next time...    

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