"DEATH AT DUSK" Art Show by Switchblade Tattoo Club • Opening Night 4/20 7-11pm



Last month we had the privilege of visiting the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles to witness first hand, "Tattoo: An Exhibition."  

The exhibit is literally 5,000 years in the making.  Covering tattooing as an ancient art form, its cultural practices, modern tattooing, and everything in between, this exhibition is quite a fascinating experience.  Whether you are a tattooer, collector, or have no relation to the tattoo world at all, this exhibit is truly captivating.

The Exhibition will go through April 15th, 2018 at the NHMLA.  Whether you are in Southern California or not, make the trip and visit this exhibit!  You will not regret it.  

One hell of a list!

Yakuza members giving zero fucks.

Freddy Negrete

Good Time Charlie

Good Time Charlie

Freddy Corbin (top center)

Mister Cartoon

There is an actual tattoo shop in the exhibit with different tattooers tattooing each weekend during the showing.  

The weekend we were there it was Robert Atkinson tattooing in the museum shop.  


The Exit.

Always reppin' for the home team Forever Tattoo.  

We were fortunate enough to snag one of these Luke Wessman T-shirts from the Exhibit Gift Shop.  

Be sure to visit the museum before April 15th.  You can purchase tickets here.  

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