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Ping Pong League

It feels amazing to be thanking you all a tenth time!  That's right, Tournament No. 10 of the Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong League is officially in the books.  We appreciate all of you for making this league a reality.  From the players to the spectators and everyone in between;  Thank you!  

Tournament No. 10 was the official emergence of "No Chance" Vance.  Vance is a stronghold around the Sacramento area when it comes to ping pong.  If you know competitive ping pong in Sac, you have definitely heard of "No Chance" Vance.  

Well, he finally made his debut in our league and sure enough by the end of the night he came out on top.  Not only did Vance win Tournament No. 10 he did it with a clean sweep of five straight wins; Three of them over the first, second, and fourth ranked players in our Power Rankings.  Very impressive, to say the least!

We had some other firsts in Tournament No. 10 as well.  For instance, Cody Watters finally played in a tourney that he did not win.  Although Cody came up short, he still finished in third place to earn him some extra power ranking points.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to put him on top of Timeless Thrills in the Top 10.  Cody now lands only 5 points behind that number one spot.  

DJ Mez (Max) put on a solid performance earning himself four match wins and a runner up spot in Tournament No. 10.  This helped Mez edge out Mother Goose (Alan) and take over the number 4 spot in the Top 10 Power Rankings.  The three, four, and five spots in the Top 10 are now only within three points of each other!  

Natecip held his own in his first ever tournament earning a match win and barely being edged out by Mother Goose in the loser's bracket.  We finally saw Logan (Mayvillain) back in the stadium after taking off about eight tournaments due to a knee injury.  Logan eared a match win and was only beaten in tough matches by the number one and two ranked players in the league.  He boosts himself back on the brink of the top 10.  Good to have you back Logan!

Lastly, thanks to Tai (taimamea) and Dakota (DJH13) for rounding out our ten spots in Tournament No. 10.  We had some last minute drop outs and Tai & Dakota were able to show up and fill in to keep the tourney intact.  We appreciate you guys and hope to see you back!  

With "No Chance" Vance's first Tournament victory, five match wins, and a skunk he immediately pushes himself into the Top 10 at number 8.  Quite an impressive feat for a first timer ten tournaments into our league.  

All in all, we couldn't be happier ten tournaments into this league.  The competition is as competitive as it has ever been, we are filling tournaments at the snap of a finger, and the league newsletter is growing by the day!  Look forward to Tournament No. 11 coming toward the end of November or early December.  We will send out all the information you need to know through the league newsletter.  Thank you all!  



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