If you pay any attention to the Travel section of The Bulletin you know my wife and I like to travel & collect tattoos.  This past weekend was no different as we made our way to San Rafael, CA and Spider Murphy's Tattoo.

Spider Murphy's was established in 1996 and is recognized as an international top tier shop.  The place is covered from front to back in beautiful flash, incredible paintings, and all kinds of art.  People come from all over the world to get tattooed here.  Back in March of this year we were lucky enough to book appointments with none other than Paul Dobleman.  Yesterday we met those appointments in Central San Rafael.  

Paul Dobleman is a world class tattooer and one of the great, young pioneers when it comes to American traditional tattooing.  We have been in awe of his work for years now and were honored to collect pieces straight from his masterful 'Continuing a Tradition' book; Myself an eagle and my wife a butterfly.  

Last month we traveled to South San Francisco for the Bay Area Tattoo Convention.  Paul had created the convention design which went on limited prints, posters, and t-shirts... All which we were fortunate enough to collect.  The shirts came out stellar on some sand colored AAA tees and we already have the print framed on our wall in our living room.  

It is an honor to collect a Paul Dobleman tattoo and spend some time in Spider Murphy's.  It will be an experience we will never forget.  Thank you Paul and the whole crew.  Until next time! 

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