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Griffin Gher is a Lawrenceville, IL based photographer and creative with Sacramento ties.  Born in the Midwest, Griffin lived in Sacramento for seven years before returning to Illinois where he helped run Boneyard Chicago for about three years.  He now resides in Lawrenceville where he is able to spend more time with family.

We met Griffin one day a couple years back when he paid us a visit at 3714 J Street while briefly back in Sacramento.  We did not learn until that day he was the photographer behind 10th and People, which we were incredibly familiar with!  

In Sacramento at 10th and P streets sits Roosevelt Park Courts; The best outdoor public basketball courts our city has to offer.  The Sacramento Kings & the Capitol Area Development Authority gave these courts a major facelift back in 2015.  Now graced with clear backboards and a clean purple & grey paint job, these courts are as good as outdoor basketball gets.  Griffin has been documenting the hoopers who grace the courts at 10th and P through the instagram and his website.  He recently gifted us a stellar shot down at 10th & P.  It is now proudly displayed at 3714 J Street above The Newsstand.  

Over the years we stayed in touch with Griffin, keeping in his ear about a future collaboration.  A couple months back he came up with the brilliant idea to produce some Sacramento inspired basketball planters, something he has become quite a pro at.  With five basketballs slated for production our minds immediately went to the Sacramento Kings starting five at the turn of the century;  Those nostalgic Kings years that still have fans screaming, "Fuck Tim Donaghy!"  The stage was set, this was The Starting Five...


Scrolling through his website it is clear Griffin has become extremely comfortable customizing mini basketballs.  He uses a hydro dipping technique so not one ball is the same.  It is an extensively unique process, all done by hand. Each basketball contains a 4.5" planter pot and the attached chains are a foot long.  Due to the pervasive approach of producing the hydro dipping effect, paint can chip and crack so DO NOT bend or try to dribble your basketball planter.  

Griffin even sources his own basketballs.  Early on he would thrift each ball but admits the search of each individual piece became stressful.  He now streamlines his production, buying Franklin & Wilson balls in bulk to maintain a more consistent result.  However, through trial and error he admits the Wilson balls reign supreme as sometimes the Franklin jawns prove difficult to cut.  

We are extremely honored to offer The Starting Five (10, 13, 16, 4, & 21); Five of Griffin's custom basketball planters exclusively available at 3714 J Street.  Not only will each planter come with a plant of your choice (compliments of Sacraplanto), you will also receive a limited Griffin Sticker; He sent us his remaining inventory so if you snag one consider yourself lucky!

The Starting Five will become available at 3714 J Street this Saturday, June 26th at 11am.  All five basketballs are sold on a first come first serve basis.  The customer will be able to choose which basketball they want based on what is left.  Each ball is priced at $85 before tax.  Good luck and we look forward to seeing you Saturday!  

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