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Solera is a method used in wine and spirits to create blends containing fractions of previous generations over time.  It is an approach that makes the blend an evolving and continuing practice rather than a once-made product.

We are excited to host 'Solera,' a new photo gallery by friend & local photographer, Paulo Buencamino starting Saturday, January 22nd.  

The pieces in 'Solera' sample a wide breath of Paulo's photography from the past few years, created at home and while traveling, alone and with friends, while working and while unemployed.  The images are an acknowledgment of the evolving nature of his creativity.  

If you are familiar with The Newsstand at 3714 J Street you have seen Paulo's work.  To date we have stocked three of his zines; 'a false ambience,' 'january,' and 'a polaroid family.'  While a central part of Paulo's art revolves around polaroid shots, his new gallery, 'Solera' shifts focus to black & white photography.  

No, Paulo has not abandoned his favorite medium.  'Solera' delivers with polaroid shots displayed in a way we had never seen before!  That on top of photography prints and a new zine make the gallery a must-visit!  You might even get your polaroid taken (wink wink).  We can not wait for you to check it out.   

Solera opens Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 at 11am.  The gallery will stay on display through Saturday, February 5th.  Hours are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11am - 3pm.  

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