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We have added some awesome titles to the Newsstand over the last couple months.  Cruise in and flip through some pages!

Like clockwork we have added the two newest issues of Travis Cannady's 'Better Off Zine' Series.  No. 11 with photography by Ryan Akerberg and No. 12 by Mike Caputo is now available in store.  

PRICE: $15

Travis Cannady is also back with his own new series of zines titled, 'Integral.'  All photos from Travis' new zine are shot with a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar and Polaroid 600 One Step on various integral Polaroid film.  

PRICE: $15

Toddler Tattoos is a temporary tattoo company for kids using real tattoo designs made by actual tattooers.  Their temporary tattoos are beyond your standard vending machine find.

On top of the large selection of temporary tattoo designs, the company also produces a kid's coloring book which practically doubles as a book of tattoo flash.  It features designs by Tim Hendricks, Javier DeLuna, and Jose Araujo.

'Toddler Tattoos Coloring and Activity Book Vol. 1 is now available in the Newsstand.

PRICE: $20.00
Communion is a book by Austin based tattooer, Carlos Truan.  The book is 203 pages of montaged work done by Carlos since he opened his tattoo shop, Communion Tattoo.
Communion features stencils, illustrations, collages, photographs, and more.  The book is softcover, 7" x 9".  

Communion is now available in the Newsstand at our shop.  

PRICE: $85.00
Back with another collection of 'Leisure & Arts Magazine' is Guy Long of Rose City, CA.  

We are honored to be one of a very select few to receive the Rose City mag.  If you aren't familiar with Guy Long hit the link below to see all the things we've done together over the years.  

PRICE: $5.00
Yet another title from rad tattooers.  'Amor Divino' is a beautiful collaborative zine between married couple, Javier & Natasha DeLuna.  I have collected a tattoo from Javier over the years and my wife recently added a tattoo from Natasha at the Capitol City Classic earlier this May.  We are as honored to wear them as you'll be to own this zine.
An amazing blend of mixed media featuring tattoo flash, polaroids, and more helps put 'Amor Divino' near the top of our favorites list.  

Amor Divino is now available in the Newsstand at our shop.  

PRICE: $20.00
Cruise into our shop and thumb through the Newsstand.  With currently over 50 titles you're sure to find something to take home.  
While you're here, checkout our Little Library also!  And if you'd be so inclined to donate books, we would love to have them.


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