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Tournament No. 29 of the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League is in the books and we have a first time winner.  Joel (FatherGoose) showed up to his first tournament, took it to the limit, and came out victorious.  

We ended up with 9/10 spots filled for this tournament.  Thanks to all the players who came out to compete as well as the spectators who came to cheer and check it out.  Thanks to our newcomers to the league; We had four this tournament!  

"No Chance" Vance went ahead and recruited two new players to the league: Joel (FatherGoose) and Ray (JKDGUY).  Joel came out victorious against two time champ, Sonny Mayugba and Ray finished in third place.  Needless to say, the league just got that much more competitive.  Thanks to Remington (AnbuGaiden) and Jeremiah (Jeremiahtatters) for being our two other newcomers; Welcome to the league!

Tyler (Timeless Thrills) holds down the # 1 Power Ranking spot, finishing in fourth place.  Chris Parillo (McLovin) and Steve (whiteballslaya) both came out of Tourney 29 with one win each.  

Chris holds down the # 10 spot in the top 10 while Steve inches closer to being 'On the Brink.'  With rallies like he had against Tyler in the Loser's Bracket Round 3, he's sure to be there soon.  

Eric (Ping Pong 101) plays in his 20th tournament!  Thanks for always being here Eric.  He is a pure example of how simply competing in our tournaments can boost your power ranking score.  Eric holds steady at # 9 in the top 10 but McLovin is on his heels!

In the end, it was newcomer Joel who came out on top, but it wasn't easy.  He lost his match to Sonny Mayugba in the Semifinals 21-19 only to claw his way out of the loser's bracket with a 21-18 win against Ray (JKDGUY).  He then went ahead and beat Sonny twice in the Championship rounds; 21-17 and finally, 21-18 to confirm victory.  Joel becomes the first player in our league to defeat and dethrone Sonny.  He also becomes only the 10th player in our league with a Winner's T-shirt.  Congratulations Joel!

We are setting a date for Tournament No. 30 as I type this.  We are also considering some rule changes.  Look out for a newsletter email regarding those topics.  If you're not on the league list, sign up now!  

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