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Sacramento, CA is home to some of the most significant Mid-Century Modern architecture in the world.  Architect, Carter Sparks & the Streng Brothers make up a vast majority of that greatness.  Together they bulldozed their way through the Sacramento Valley from the late 50's into the 80's creating almost four thousand homes. These landmark structures are historically recognized and praised for their undying differentness and prominent importance;  They just don't make houses like this anymore!

Mid-Century Modern architecture has clean, straight lines with a blend of raw and natural materials.  You will find open floor plans with large windows welcoming tons of natural light and blending indoor / outdoor living.  Wide-angled, low pitched, or flat rooflines usually make up the exterior look of MCM architecture.  It is a style of home that never goes unnoticed.  

Last fall we purchased our first Streng Bros. Home designed by Carter Sparks.  We are now humbly the first official "caretakers" of the house as we purchased from the original owners.  The 1976 Atrium model has become a large part of our every day lives.  Restoration over renovation is a key aspect to anything we alter or upgrade.  Our top priority is preserving the original integrity that was intended by Carter Sparks' architectural design.  

Phoenix Kanada is a good friend and talented photographer based here in Sacramento.  He has shot lookbooks and editorials for us, we have hosted photo galleries of his, and we stock the zines and tangible items he releases to the public in our Flagship Store.  

When the pandemic hit and public life shut down Phoenix offered a new photo package through his online shop.  We jumped at the opportunity even though at the time we had not yet established a concrete idea.  As time went on and we continued restoring our home it became clear; let's shoot the house!  Phoenix's photography showcases a keen eye for architectural design, striking shadows, and raw materials.  It was a no brainer!  

Not only does this photo project embody the hard work and passion we have put into our home's progress, it clearly sets forth a path for future ideas and endeavors to manifest themselves.  Later this summer Timeless Thrills® will release the "1976" Collection made up of items inspired by our restoration journey.  

Not to mention, "work from home" is definitely a thing now, right?  Did you happen to catch the roll out of our 'Connection' Mouse pad?  It sports a design paying homage to legend designer & creative, Ray Eames.  A lot of people are unaware she was born in Sacramento and spent most of her early life here.  This is a fact unfortunately not embraced enough by our city.  She even attended Sutter Middle School (an MCM build) which is ironically five blocks from our Flagship Store and where Tyler went to middle school.  She attended Sacramento City College, the same place Tyler & Jessica met years before Timeless Thrills® was ever an idea.  Eventually Everything Connects.    





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