Ping Pong League

Thanks again to everyone who keeps supporting our Ping Pong League in one way or another.  This was the quickest registration we have had in nine tournaments.  It was also the most competitive tournament we have experienced since the beginning of this league.  

One thing fairly usual was Mr. Cody Watters taking the title once again!  This was Cody's fourth tournament victory and I might add, he has only played in four tournaments.  With his first round bye, it only took Cody four match wins to wrap this thing up, and he did it quite impressively:  21-7, 21-7, 21-11, and finally 21-9 over DJ Mez to take the crown.  At this point, can anyone really defeat this guy?!  

Besides Cody's obvious domination, there were some other bright points to Tournament No. 9.  Newcomer Matt (Big Baller Matt) made a splash with some left handed magic earning two match wins which even included a skunk!  

Gabe (gp21) made his return to the league as he hadn't played since Tournament No. 4.  He faired well with two solid match wins and was barely edged out by Timeless Thrills® in a 21-19 loss late in the the loser's bracket. 

Timeless Thrills® finished fourth with some solid victories over Big Baller Matt and Gabe but was ultimately fought off by Chris Grant (Blazing Paddles) in a 21-19 loss after some amazing rallies!  Chris went on to lose to second place finisher, DJ Mez who just couldn't fend off Cody.  

As far as Power Rankings go, not a lot has changed.  Pete Ibarra makes his way back into the 10 spot with another tournament entry.  Pete is the true definition of a solid contributor to the league, playing in four tournaments thus far!  

Timeless Thrills® keeps the top power ranking spot, but Cody has crept within striking distance.  He lands only 8 points behind the number one spot, setting Tournament No. 10 up to be a huge difference maker.  

Expect Tournament No. 10 to come the end of October or early November.  We will send out registration instructions well beforehand.  Thanks again to all of you!  Until next time...

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