Ping Pong League

Tournament No. 7 is set!  We have a full bracket of 10 players ready to hit!  Without a doubt, this tournament looks to be our most competitive yet.  

Rounding out the bracket are five players who make up half of our Top 10 Power Rankings

Jerm tha Worm is looking to break the top 10 as he has competed previously in our league.

The last four players are brand new to the league.  Welcome!  Just by showing up and competing in the tournament you have already earned 5 power rankings points toward your overall score.  

Starting Tournament No. 7 we have added a couple new ways to earn power ranking points. From here forward, tournament Runner-Ups (2nd place) will receive 6 power ranking points for their efforts.  3rd place finishers will now receive 3 power ranking points, but only if the tournament is made up of at least 8 players.  Any tournaments with less than 8 players will scratch the third place finish for points.  

Now, even if you're new to the league you have a solid chance to break into the Top 10 after a tournament or two, depending on how you finish of course.  

Touch up on our league rules if you have not already.  Check the Power Ranking page for all the ways in which you can earn points.  Outside of that, we'll see you Saturday at 7pm.  Spectators are always welcome. 

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