3714 J St. Sacramento
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We understand that Ping Pong (Table Tennis) is played with several different rules throughout the world and even just Sacramento.  This is how we play in the Timeless Thrills® Ping Pong League.  House rules, no exceptions.  However, we are always open to suggestions that can be debated among league players.  Please bring up any suggestions at each tournament and they will be decided then and there.    

  • Our tournaments are made of 8-10 players at a time.  
  • Each tournament is double-game elimination, bracket style play.
  • Each match starts with a traditional rally for serve.  Winner of rally gets to choose side of table OR to serve first.  Loser of rally gets unchosen option.   
  • Each match is played to 21 points while rotating serves every 5 points.  You must win by TWO POINTS in each match.    
  • You can get SKUNKED in our league.  If you fall behind 7-0 or 11-1 you have officially been SKUNKED and the match is over.
  • We DO NOT play the walls, lights, rafters, or any other funny bullshit.  The table is the table is the table.
  • We understand there will be down time between some of your matches.  However, we need to keep the tournaments moving so we can finish in good time.  If you are not present within three minutes of your next match you will forfeit. 
  • Feel free to bring your own paddle if you would like.