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Thank you to everyone who came out for Tournament No. 4.  This was a very competitive tournament and we can only hope to keep the competition moving forward.

Congratulations to our first time winner (and participant), Cody Watters.  Cody is now one of four different winners in our first four tournaments.

Tournament No. 4 was set to be an entertaining one before it started.  We had all previous tournament winners competing plus another handful of guys already in our top 10 power rankings.  

Newcomer Cody Watters swept his way through the winner's bracket without much trouble.  With that, the loser's bracket stole the show!  Match 13 found a rematch of the Tournament No. 2 Championship but this time Chris Grant (Blazing Paddles) got his redemption and outdid Sean Foley 27-25 to send him packing.  

Max (DJ Mez) won three straight matches in the loser's bracket only to be taken down by Chris Grant in another incredible match ending in a 26-24 defeat.  Chris eventually made his way through the loser's bracket and into match 18 with undefeated Cody Watters.  After a 21-16 victory Chris pushed the tourney to its final match 19 and it ended in familiar fashion.  Cody outlasted Chris and took home the tourney trophy with a 25-23 overtime victory.  

With Cody's tournament victory we now have four separate winners in four tournaments.  The competition is truly getting better and we love it!  With Cody's shake-up to the league, the Top 10 Power Rankings took a bit of a twist.  

With Chris' 5 match wins and third tourney entry he holds down the top spot once again and actually distances himself from the rest of the pack.  Although he went two and out in Tournament No. 4, Tyler keeps the second spot as the only player to compete in all four tournaments (big surprise lol).  Max and Sean stick to their three and four spot but look who breaks into the top 5; Newcomer Cody Watters.

Travis & Pete both drop as Alan gains a spot.  Alfredo solidifies the 10 spot and sleeper, Gabe P. makes his way into the top 10 for the first time.  

Thanks again to everyone who came out for Tournament No. 4.  Make sure you are on the League Newsletter so you are notified exactly when sign-ups take place for each tournament.  I can't stress enough how important signing up and competing in tournaments is to your power ranking score.  Expect Tournament No. 5 to be in late April or early May.  Until next time...

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