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[ UPDATE 8/12/23 - 3:42PM:  Misfitced has joined the waitlist and is advised to show up at 5pm in the case of a no show. ]

[ UPDATE 8/12/23 - 11:00AM:  Sameeksha dropped out of tournament bumping JKDGUY (Ray) into the tournament.  JKDGUY takes 5th spot based on power ranking score and the three newcomers drop down a spot.  First match is now at 5pm sharp between Timeless Thrills & EG123.]

Can you believe this is our 30th tournament of the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong league?  In 29 tournaments we have had approximately 110 total players, 10 tournament winners, and over 420 matches played.  We appreciate everyone who has come to play or just showed up to watch.  

Tournament No. 30 finds FatherGoose (Joël) back to defend his Tournament No. 29 title.  

Mayvillain (Logan Mayville) who holds down the #5 spot in our Top 10 is back fore the first time since his Tournament No. 28 victory.  

So we have the last two tournament winner's in the house ready to square off.  McLovin (Chris Parillo), our #10 ranked player is back and looking to climb over Eric (Ping Pong 101) to take that 9th spot.  It's been a long road for McLovin and I'm sure the lefty's determination will be at an all time high.  

On top of those three players and myself (Timeless Thrills) we have four newcomers to the league; Jslick, Tito Time, EG123, and Sameeksha.  Welcome!  We appreciate you getting on the newsletter and most of all, registering for your first tournament.  

Thank you to JKDGUY (Ray) for joining the waitlist.  If you still want to play in this tournament we encourage you to join the waitlist.  We ask waitlist players to show up ready to compete as if they were in the tournament.  In the case we have a no-show, those waitlisters will be entered into the tournament accordingly.

Please take into account our new rule changes to the league.  Originally I botched the rule change about each game being played to 11 switching serves every 3 points.  It's actually every 2 points and that is now explained correctly on the league rules page.  Thanks Joël for pointing that out and no thanks to any of you others who knew I botched it and didn't tell me! (wink wink).  Cody!!! (cough cough).  

We are geared up for Tournament No. 30 and the bracket is set!  Match 1 starts at 5pm sharp with # 1 seeded, Timeless Thrills (me lol) facing off against newcomer, Sameeksha.  Spectators ALWAYS welcome.  We look forward to seeing you all!

For the players, don't forget your headband! (wink).  

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  • Jslick on

    Awesome tournament fellows. Was nice to meet you all. Thanks to Timeless Thrills for being an awesome host and Chris for the pizza

  • Joël G on

    What an exciting preview to read through and absorb. I’m pumped up! Looking forward to it being a fun one.Thanks to Timeless Thrills for hosting this interesting league.

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