Ping Pong League

Thank you to everyone who came out for Tournament No. 3 at the Flagship Store. This league does not run without you guys!  After three tournaments we have housed over 20 players and over 100 matches on our single table inside our 820 square foot store.  Let's keep it moving!

Tournament No. 3 started with local business owners in the house representing Exhale Smoke Shop, Getta Clue, & Goodstock.  Tournament No. 3 ended with newcomer, DJ Mez (Max M.) claiming victory with a clean sweep. He was not beaten once! With his first tourney dominance, DJ Mez has skyrocketed himself into the top 3 of our power rankings.

Tournament No. 1 winner and No. 2 runner up, Chris Grant reclaims his top spot in the power rankings while Tyler Wichmann moves into the 2 spot. Sean Foley stays in the top 5 due to his clean sweep through Tournament No. 2.  Pete Ibarra moves up in the top 10 as he’s played in all three tournaments.  Ryan from Exhale Smoke Shop & Eric Hermann (1gear17) join the top 10 as newcomers to the league.  

Our website has been updated with Tournament No. 3 results as well as updated power rankings. Hit the link and see if you made the cut! DO NOT FORGET, your power ranking weighs heavy on how many actual tournaments you compete in. With that being said, stay updated with our Ping Pong Newsletter as we send out emails weeks prior to any new tournaments. 

Thank you all once again for competing.  Our next tournament will be sooner than later.  We are hoping to fit another one in during this month of February.  We will change the tournament format to only 8-10 players from here forward.  We will also start the next tournament in the evening, rather than the afternoon.  Stay tuned and once again, make sure you are signed up for the Ping Pong Newsletter.  

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