Ping Pong League

25 tournaments in the books!  Try that on for size SITTA!  No but really, twenty-five tournaments in a small, 650 square foot space with a bunch of solid people is truly impressive.  We couldn't be more impressed.  More importantly, we couldn't be more appreciative of each and every one of you who have played in the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League.  Thank you all!

Tournament No. 25 ended the same way nine others have; Cody Watters crowned the champ.  Yes, this is Cody's 10th tournament victory in only 12 tries.  We say it every time, the dude can play.  Congratulations Cody!  You continue to make us all look like shitty ping pong players.  

Mike Ottersen was our runner-up with Tyler Wichmann finishing third.  Thanks for the new paddle Chase, I love it!  Mclovin showed up and played well, finishing 4th and barely leaving him out of the top 10, still on the brink and only 8 points behind Chase who is number 10 in our Top 10 Power Rankings.  

It was awesome to see Chris Grant show up for the first time in a while.  He only won one match, but unfortunately took losses from Cody and Mike, the top two finishers on the night.  However, he was wearing a bad ass Hall & Oates shirt which damn near should have won him some bonus points.  

Alan Blount went two and out but showed great showmanship after Mike Ottersen tried murdering his entire family with a ping pong ball.  Maybe Alan will have to get some revenge next time around.  

DJ Mez was a no show and really screwed up the bracket.  Way to go Max!

In the end, Cody Watters jumps into the number 1 spot in our Top 10 dropping Tyler to number two.  Mike Ottersen jumps a spot to number 6 passing No Chance Vance.  All in all, Tournament No. 25 was as competitive as ever.  

Look for Tournament No. 26 to be sometime in September.  As long as you're on the newsletter you'll notified of registration opening.  

Thank you all!


-  Sonny Mayugba - Your Winner's shirt is in-store for pickup.  

-  DJ Mez - Your Winner's shirt is in-store for pickup.  

-  Cody Watters - Your Winner's shirt is in-store for pickup.  

-  Logan Mayville - We need your Winner's shirt to print an additional logo on.  Please come in during business hours to drop it off.  Thanks!

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