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Ping Pong League

Tournament No. 25 in the house!  Wow, we are a quarter of a way to 100 tournaments.  Is that crazy or what?  Thanks to everyone who signed up.  Tourney 25 is looking to be a fun one.  

As of now (4:43pm) we have 8/10 spots filled.  That means there are two spots left if you or someone you know wants to play.  You can register here.  

Believe it or not Tournament No. 25 features 7 of our Top 10 players in the power rankings.  The lonesome "on the brink" player is Chris (Mclovin) who could actually break the the top 10 for the first time in his league career tonight with a solid showing.  Let's not forget Mr. Cody Watters seems to have trouble with Mclovin;  Should be fun to see how it plays out.  

Speaking of Cody Watters, the nine-time champ is back in the house tonight and looking to win his tenth tournament.  With a solid showing he can also pass Tyler (Timeless Thrills) and reclaim that number one spot in the top 10 power rankings.  

Chris Grant (Blazing Paddles) is back for the first time in a while and him and Eric (PingPong101) are at a dead tie of 108 points.  Eric edges Chris in ranking because he has played more recently in tournaments.  We will see if they can chase Mike Ottersen or if Mike will extend his lead and possibly pass "No Chance Vance" in the top 10.  

Alan Blount (Mothergoose) is back in the house and chasing DJ Mez who has put some distance between their 3 and 4 rankings.  #DoItForDaniel  

All in all this is shaking out to be an amazing tournament and we can't wait to get started.  First match starts at 6:30pm sharp.  As of now it'll be between #1 ranked Tyler Wichmann (Timeless Thrills) and Chris (Mclovin).  Chris has beat Tyler in the last two tournaments.  Will Tyler have an answer?  Only time will tell.  

See you all at 6:30pm and as always, spectators welcome!

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