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Ping Pong League

When it comes to Tournament No. 20 of our ping pong league the photo says it all; Mike Ottersen holding his belly in defeat while photo bombing Cody's eighth victory shot.  Yes, Cody Watters won his eighth tournament!

We've seen twenty ping pong tournaments, over 65 players, and 9 different champions.  We can't thank each and every one of you enough!  This "underground" league of ours is special and we are incredibly grateful to share it with you all.

Tournament No. 20 introduced two newbies to the league.  While ScottAlan battled a tough two and out, Jeffchadbourne had one hell of a first showing as he cruised through his first two matches.  One of those wins included a lopsided 21-10 victory over #1 ranked Tyler Wichmann (timelessthrills).  Jeff finished fourth on the night and earned 11 points in his first outing. 

Unfortunately we had a last minute drop out and a no-show tonight.  I hope insurance101guy had insurance because with a no-show he's already starting behind.  Let these be key reminders to always JOIN THE WAITLIST of our tournaments if all 10 spots have been filled.  

How about Mike Ottersen!?  Congratulations man, you cracked the Top 10 for the first time.  With Mike's runner-up night and strong play he jumps into the number 9 spot passing Travis Howell and booting Chase Bradshaw out of the top 10.  After playing in only five tournaments Mr. Ottersen proves perseverance pays off.

On a rare night off from spinning records, DJ Mez (Max) showed up wasted and finished 5th. However, he still managed to earn enough points to pass Alan Blount (Mothergoose) and regain the #3 spot in our Top 10.  Chris (mclovin) switched it up on us and played under the alias Fletch B. Fletch.  He scraped out a win and increases his on the brink status climbing closer to the top 10. 

Tyler Wichmann (timelessthrills) bounced back from a tough Tournament No. 19 and finished in third place after battling through the loser's bracket only to be knocked out by Mike Ottersen.  

For the eighth time in nine tries the man of the night was Cody Watters.  He was hardly challenged in his four wins outside of a 21-18 semis win against Mike Ottersen.  No matter what the power rankings say, Cody remains the most dominant player in the Timeless Thrills Ping Pong League.  He is now only twenty points behind #1 Tyler Wichmann as a change in the guard could soon be coming.  

Thanks again to everyone who came out.  Hope you feel aright tomorrow morning Max!  Until tournament 21!  


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