Ping Pong League

Fourteen Tournaments?  Are you fucking kidding me!?  This ping pong league has been one of the most exciting parts to our flagship store.  I may be biased given that I play in every tournament, but man, this has been awesome!  We really appreciate everyone who has been a part of this thing.  

Tournament No. 14 barely filled all 10 spots.  The last spot was filled just four hours before tournament start.  It just so happened to be that last registration to take the crown.  Sonny Mayugba becomes one of three players with two tournament victories in our league.  With his second championship in two tries, Sonny bounces himself into the number 10 spot in our Top 10 Power Rankings.  Congratulations bud!  

Let's be clear this was not as easy a road for Sonny as it was in his last tournament victory.  It was defending tournament champion and two time tourney winner, Max (DJ Mez) who gave Sonny a run for his money.  

DJ Mez lost a semifinals match 21-13 to Sonny which put him in the loser's bracket.  However, he morphed into a T1000 robot and learned from his every mistake.  Mez fought his way out of the loser's bracket only to beat Sonny in the first championship, forcing a final winner takes all championship match.  It was in that match Mez led 20-17 only to see Sonny courageously force his way back to a tie.  In the end, Sonny took the match with an incredibly entertaining 25-23 victory.  Sonny wins his second tournament and DJ Mez takes his fourth runner-up finish.

You can check out some of the live footage from their championship match in our Instagram Highlights.  

Second timer Chasedogz had another great showing taking third place and three match victories.  After only two tournaments he stays on the brink of the top 10 inching closer to Sonny's now number 10 spot.  

Logan (Mayvillain) moves up a spot in an actual 54 point tie with Travis Howell but takes the 8 spot due to being the most recent competitor.

Eric (Pingpong101) stays comfortably at his number 7 spot in the top 10 while DJ Mez distances himself from his chasers and solidifying the number 2 spot.  Tyler (Timeless Thrills) continues to stay top rank but Mez is definitely on his heels.

John (johhhn7) earns his first match victory in tourney 14 and increases his power ranking, inching closer to a spot on the brink.   

After filling all 10 spots just hours before start we unfortunately had a no-show.  Troubleman916 did not show up which gives us this opportunity to remind our league players; You lose points when you do not show up.  Troubleman916 is now starting behind the eight ball.  Be sure to study the league rules to learn more about no-shows and how it effects your power ranking.   

After a recalculation of runner-up and 3rd place finishes, Alan Blount (Mothergoose) sits in 3rd place actually tied with number 4 Cody Watters.  Alan has competed more recently than Cody so he takes the higher rank.

Power Rankings and Results have been updated!    

We appreciate everyone who came out and competed, as well as the spectators.  Thanks for hanging out!  Look for Tournament No. 15 to be at the end of June.  Until then...



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